IPL: Play-Off Round

IPL: Qualifers
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The play-off round of Indian Premier League, IPL will start today. The top four teams of the point table have qualified for the play-off round. Delhi Capitals will face Chennai Super Kings in the first playoff round, while Kolkata Knight Riders will face Royal Challengers Bangalore in the second playoff round.

First Play-Off

The top two teams in the point table will play in the first playoff round. Delhi Capitals finished the group round from the top of the points table. Chennai Super Kings, on the other hand, finished second in the group stage. As a result, both teams will play today against each other in the first playoff game.

Delhi Capitals have lost two of their last five matches, whereas Chennai Super Kings have lost three of their last five games. Moreover, Chennai have lost three games in a row. However, the winning team of the first playoff round will go directly to the final. The team that loses in the first playoff round will have another chance to reach the final. They will play against the winning team of the second playoff round.

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Head to Head

The two teams have met a total of 25 times in the Indian Premier League. Chennai have won 15 matches. On the other hand, Delhi Capitals have won 10 games. Today’s game in the first playoff round will be the 26th match between the two teams.

Second Play-Off

The third and the fourth team will play the second playoff match. Royal Challengers Bangalore finished the group round with 18 points from the third position. Moreover, they have the same points as Chennai Super Kings have. But they are behind Chennai because of the run rate. In contrast, Kolkata Knight Riders finished fourth in the group stage.

So, the second playoff match will be held tomorrow between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. The winning team will face the losing team in the first playoff round.

Head to Head

Both the teams have met a total of 28 times in the IPL. Kolkata Knight Riders have won two more matches than Royal Challengers Bangalore. They have won 15 matches against Bangalore, while Royal Challengers Bangalore have won the remaining 13 matches against them.