Napoli runs riot against Juventus

Napoli ran riot over Juventus
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Italian club Napoli are flying in Serie A. They are heading toward winning the league title after long years. Last night, Napoli smashed and destroyed Juventus FC at Stadio Diego Maradona. They defeated the Juve by a 5-1 margin.

Prior to its meeting with Napoli, Juventus had kept six straight clean sheets. Because of this, it was anticipated that they would battle the league leader fiercely. But Napoli completely destroyed the Allegri boys last night.

As it happened

Luciano Spalletti played his best possible XI against Juventus FC at Stadio Diego Maradona. He set up the team formation with 4-3-3, where Victor Osimhen led the attack with Politano and Kvaratskhelia. On the other hand, Max Allegri played his team in a 3-5-2 formation.

Juve’s coach set an aggressive formation to face an aggressive team like Napoli. Although Allegri played five defenders, two of them played the role of wing-back. As a result, the wing-backs moved to the higher side, giving Napoli’s strikers more space.

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Victor Osimhen has been brilliant throughout the season and didn’t take much time last night to find the net. In the 14th minute, the Nigerian forward scored a goal for Napoli.

The Nigeria international contributed to the 2nd goal as well. He registered an assist in the 39th minute as Kvaratskhelia found the net from his pass. However, Juventus responded quickly after conceding the 2nd goal. Argentine world cup winner Angel Di Maria returned a goal for the Juve in the 42nd minute. Therefore, the half-time ended in 2-1.

After the break, the home team literally ran riot over the Juve. Amir Rrahmani scored the third goal of the match for Napoli. He found the net in the 55th minute with the help of Kvaratskhelia. Following that goal, the Allegri boys completely gave up the game. They became unorganized in the remaining minutes. As a result, Napoli scored another goal.

In the 65th minute, Victor Osimhen got his second and team’s fourth goal. His understanding with Kvaratskhelia has been fantastic this season. The duo had destroyed Napoli last night. Kvaratskhelia set up the ball in Osimhen’s 2nd goal. However, Napoli got their final goal after 70 minutes. Elif Elmasgot scored that goal in the 2nd minute for Napoli.

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Anyway, Juventus failed to return any in the remaining minutes. Therefore, Napoli won the match by a massive margin and had gone ten points clear at the top.