Scaloni’s press conference ahead of the semifinal

Manager Lionel Scaloni
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There are only four matches left in the Qatar World Cup. The semifinal round is starting tonight with the clash between the two giants, Argentina and Croatia. Argentine boss Lionel Scaloni came to the press and had a press conference ahead of the Croatia match. Read out Scaloni’s important words from here.

Reviewed the Netherlands match

In the quarterfinal, Argentina beat the Netherlands on penalties. However, there were plenty of controversies that took place in this game. The match referee booked 18 yellow cards in this match, the highest in a single game. Moreover, Lionel Messi was involved in an argument with the Dutch boss Louis Van Gaal. So, Scaloni didn’t forget to talk about it.

“The game the other day was played as it had to be played. Football is this. There are moments where the game can get difficult. But we know how to lose and win. We lost the first match against Arabia, and we quietly went to the hotel to continue preparing what was coming. We won the Copa América in Brazil, and the most beautiful image of sportsmanship that could be seen was given, with Neymar, Messi, Paredes and other players sitting on the steps of the Maracana.”

Preparation for Croatia Match

Lionel Scaloni said that they are ready to face Croatia, the finalist of the Russia World Cup. He said, “We prepared it in the same way as against the Netherlands, Australia, and Poland. We have been playing important games since we lost to Arabia, and the feeling that what is coming is transcendental does not change.”

The manager added, “Everyone knows that it is a football game, that we will try to do our best, and that sometimes luck can turn its back on us, but if we do things well we have great chances. You have to take it naturally.”

Scaloni on Messi’s possible last world cup

This world cup is Lionel Messi’s fifth world cup, and probably be his last world cup as well. But the manager wants him to play more. He said, “We will see if he continues playing or not. We are still going to enjoy it, which is what can happen to us and to the world of football. In case we do well, there is a whole country behind. But there is still a long way to go and, a very difficult match tomorrow.”

Scaloni gives updates on Di Maria and De Paul

There have been a lot of rumors about the fitness of Di Maria and Rodrigo De Paul. Di Maria missed the match in the round of 16 and played the final ten minutes in the quarterfinal. Besides, Rodrigo De Paul couldn’t play the full 90 minutes in the quarterfinal.

However, the Argentine boss provided updates on those two players. He said, “After the game we recovered, yesterday we didn’t do much on the pitch but focused on meetings and today we will have a slightly clearer picture of how they are. In principle they are available and that leaves us alone. Yes it is true that we have to assess the availability of minutes of each one, we will decide that. I understand that both are in good condition.”

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