Zlatko Dalic’s press conference ahead of the Brazil clash

Zlatko Dalic talked ahead of the Brazil match
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Croatia, the finalist of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, beat Japan in a thrilling penalty shootout to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Qatar World Cup. Therefore, Croatia will face Brazil tomorrow in the quarterfinal at the Lusail Stadium.

Croatia boss Zlatko Dalic has had an interview with HNS, where he talked about the match against Brazil and many more.

Dalic hails Brazil.

Croatia boss Zlatko Dalic praises the way Brazil are playing in this world cup. He said, “Realistically, Brazil is the most powerful and best team in this World Cup. When you look at their selection of players, quality, breadth, and value, it’s terrifying.”

However, the manager is determined to beat Brazil. “We have a big test ahead of us and a difficult task against a team that likes to compete. We will need to prepare very well for that match, but we have nothing to fear. We have to go into the match with a lot of faith and confidence, look for our opportunities and enjoy football. Extract Brazil, that’s it,” the manager added.

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Dalic also said, “Brazil is the favourite, but we will not give up. We will try to prepare well and rest, give our best and fight back. They are not a team that tolerates someone else having possession.”

Dalic on his Frontline

The forwards of Croatia are not performing well in this world cup. They are not getting enough goals. So, Zlatko Dalic didn’t forget to talk about his attackers. He said, “We will see what and how. Everyone got a chance and had their minutes. I said that we would deploy like that, considering that we don’t have someone who is number 1.”

The Croatian boss added, “There are no more attackers from Atletico and Juventus, now we have attackers from Dinamo, Hajduk, and Osasuna. Don’t live in the clouds, we have what we have. The guys are of good quality, they can and we will again look for the best solution there. It is not fair to these guys to dissect the game, whether it was nice or not. The boys have made the top eight in the world.”

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Croatia’s chances against Brazil

Croatia will do everything to defeat Brazil. Zlatko said, “Brazil is the favourite, let’s not lie. They have confidence and a great atmosphere, top players, Neymar is back. Great national team, but we can oppose them, we have to choose tactics wisely. It’s not smart to go into a rally with them and give them space, we’ll do scouting, talk to the players. It is not a 50:50 match, but we are not outsiders either. We will try to be good.”