How can Barcelona afford to sign players?

Robert Lewandowski returns at Allianz Arena
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During the current summer transfer window, Spanish team FC Barcelona have signed more players than any other club. All the players they have signed are proven players in their former clubs. In this current window, Barcelona brought Andreas Christiansen, Frank Kessie, Raphinha, Robert Lewandowski, and Jules Kounde. But the question is, how can FC Barcelona afford to sign so many stars despite the poor financial situation? Here we’ve tried to find out the answer.

Financial Situation

It is no secret that Barcelona’s financial condition is going very bad. Their crisis came to the spotlight when Lionel Messi, their biggest star of all time, had to leave the club due to the “Financial Fair Play” role. Moreover, the club is in debt of 1.3 billion euros right now. Additionally, FC Barcelona have a deficit of €-144 million, set by the Limite Salarial. Despite the huge debt, FC Barcelona continue signing players.

How do Barca sign players?

Barcelona’s current president Juan Laporta is literally gambling to sign players. He knows he can’t bring players as the financial condition is not good enough. So he decided to sell the tv rights. FC Barcelona have sold their 10% of tv rights to an American investment firm, Six Streets, for the next 25 years. As a result of this deal, Six Streets invested €207 million in Barcelona.

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Moreover, the club is planning to sell another 15% of tv rights for €400 million. On the other hand, the Spanish giant got sponsorship from the audio streaming company Spotify. Barcelona earned around €300 million from Spotify. As a result, FC Barcelona are buying players with this money.

Problems to solve

Although Barcelona got some funds from many sources, they still have issues to solve. They signed several players, but the club hasn’t registered some of them due to the Financial Fair Play. They need to sell some high-paid players. Therefore, Barcelona bring Frankie de Jong to the table for sale.

In addition, De Jong is owed around €17 million by Barcelona. According to the deal with the club, Frankie de Jong will earn around €88.7 million from Barcelona if he stays until 2026. That is why Barcelona are pushing to sell him to Manchester United. Besides, Frankie has denied joining Man United. Overall, the situation has become very messy. Barcelona need to solve the problem as soon as possible.