Paulo Dybala is set to leave Juventus

Dybala is leaving Juventus
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The summer transfer window is yet to come. But many transfer rumors have started surfing on the market. Argentine forward Paulo Dybala has unleashed a new wave of transfer activity. Paulo Dybala has decided to leave Juventus FC in the upcoming summer transfer window. His contract with Juventus will expire in June. After that, he will leave the Serie A side as a free agent.

In 2015, Paulo Dybala joined Juventus FC from Palermo for €32 million. At that time, he signed a five years contract with Juventus. Since then, the Argentine forward has played 202 games and scored 80 goals for the Juve. This season, Dybala has played 21 games, where he has scored 13 goals already for the club.

The last October, Juventus reached a verbal agreement with Dybala. The club offered him a salary of €8 million, plus €2 million until 2026. However, it was an unwritten agreement, and the signing of the contract was scheduled for December. But Paulo Dybala became injured early in the year and didn’t play many games for the Juve. So, the club proposed to reduce his salary. Juventus have offered him a new contract, but Dybala said that he would not sign a new contract for Juventus. As a result, the Argentine forward will leave the club after seven years as a free agent.

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What’s next for Dybala

As the news of Paulo Dybala’s departure from Juventus spreads, fans get excited to see what his next move will be. Dybala is 28 years old and has great potential, so many clubs will try to get him. In 2019, English club Manchester United wanted to sign him. Juve were also impressed by Man United’s offer. But the deal couldn’t complete due to the unwillingness of Dybala. Tottenham Hotspur also tried to get the Argentine forward. Unfortunately, they didn’t meet the asking price for the player.

Nevertheless, many football experts see PSG as Dybala’s next destination. Kylian Mbappe might leave PSG to join Real Madrid this summer. So, Paulo can be a replacement for Mbappe. On the other side, Manchester City are still looking for a striker. They can also try for him.