Manchester United: The rebuilding process is on

Bruno Fernandes
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Manchester United is one of the oldest clubs in football history. They have won more major trophies than any other club in England. But, this legendary club hasn’t won a league title since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club in 2013.

However, the rebuilding process at Man United has started under Erik ten Hag. Under the new manager, Man United have won four successive games in the EPL so far. Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United’s midfield maestro, has given an extensive interview to The Athletic about the club’s past and future. Here is everything you can read.

On previous season

“When I talk about the ghosts of the past, I mean that we felt in the past that every time we miss a pass or something, we were letting someone down, so you start missing more. Instead, you must think, ‘I have to try.’

“I know that because I have had more than 400 games in my career. I have had bad games, really good games, normal games. It is about understanding what you have done well in the good ones to keep having them and to shake off doubts about your performance.”

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On the start of the season

Bruno has talked about the start of the new season. He said, “You could feel it between us, between the fans, in the atmosphere, that it was like getting back to the past. Everyone felt that the confidence was low again. Everyone was a little — not afraid — but not feeling the best to take the ball. I felt sometimes like it was the ghosts from the past. Then Brentford was even worse. We conceded a goal from nothing and all of a sudden you could see the energy of the team was low, the confidence was low.”

On Erik Ten Hag

“First of all, he [Erik ten Hag] has an idea. He has a style. You have to follow his rules. He is strict on that. And I like that. He has brought discipline, which is something I think we missed in the past. Everyone must be on the same page.”

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“That is what Pep (Guardiola) and (Jurgen) Klopp have been doing for years, because they have stability in the club and in the way they choose the transfer market and build the team, which is really important for them to get the rewards.”

“I saw the manager say in a press conference that we do not want to bring players just for the sake of it, we want to bring the right players for what we want to do. It is something the club needs.”