Rashford continues to shine at the World Cup

Rashford scored two goals
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Manchester United’s forward Marcus Rashford keeps performing at the World Cup in Qatar. Rashford already scored three goals in the world cup. But last night, the manager put Rashford in the starting XI for the first time in this tournament. However, Marcus didn’t disappoint the manager as he scored two goals against Iran, including a stunning free kick.

Anyway, Marcus Rashford’s journey in England’s shirt wasn’t easy. He became a villain for the English nation by missing a penalty kick in the final of the UEFA Euro against Italy. He faced much racism after this match. Furthermore, he earned both massive fame and criticism for his off-pitch work during the Covid.

But Marcus Rashford concentrated on football and worked hard to get back the form under Manchester United’s new manager Erik Ten Hag. And now we are seeing the best version of Rashford in the FIFA World Cup.

Gareth Southgate on Marcus Rashford

England boss Gareth Southgate praised Marcus Rashford after the match against Wales. The manager said, “You can see with his club there has been happiness in his performances this year, and that has shown itself on the training ground with us.”

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“We have a different version completely to the player we had in the Euros last summer. He’s managed to produce those moments tonight, and he could have had a hat-trick really. It’s great for him, and because it’s great for him it’s great for us,” Southgate added.

Gary Neville on Rashford

Manchester United legend also appreciated Marcus Rashford. In an interview with Skysports, Neville said, “That period of his life through lockdown when he achieved so much off the pitch, it’s hard to focus on football.”

“I think he’s simplified his life, he’s still achieving great things off the pitch but in a more measured manner, it doesn’t seem as full-on, and on the pitch, we’re now starting to see him.”

“There were people in the last 12 to 18 months that said Rashford needed to be sold at Manchester United. That was never bought into by me. Manchester United could never sell Rashford,” Neville added.

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England have qualified for the Round of 16, where they will face Senegal. Gary Neville believes Marcus Rashford will play from the beginning against Senegal. He said, “I was delighted he got the two goals in the second half and I think he’s actually pushed himself into a position whereby he’s the one I think will start on Sunday, he’s the one guaranteed to start in that wide position with Kane in the middle.”