Transfer News: Man United and Man City

Ronaldo reached Carrington
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The summer transfer window is going on. Manchester United and Manchester City, the two giants of the English Premier League, have already signed some top players. However, these two clubs are still looking for more players. But Manchester United need to find a solution to Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation.

Ronaldo hasn’t changed his decision.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke the internet at the beginning of the summer transfer window by expressing his desire to leave Manchester United. He told Man United to sell him if a perfect proposal would come. Manchester United have insisted that Ronaldo is not for sale every time.

Despite Manchester United’s position on him, Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendis, has been contacting many clubs about Ronaldo’s potential move. Unfortunately, no one showed interest in signing Ronaldo. FC Bayern Munich’s CEO Oliver Kahn has discussed the possibility of replacing Robert Lewandowski with Ronaldo. Talking with the German daily, The Bild, Oliver Kahn said, “We discussed this topic- otherwise we wouldn’t be doing our job properly. Personally, I think Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest-ever footballers. But, we came to the conclusion that, despite the esteem that we hold him in, we wouldn’t have fitted our philosophy at the moment.”

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In addition, Chelsea also denied signing Ronaldo. Another club that Jorge Mendis tried to convince is Atletico Madrid. But Atletico’s fans are protesting not to sign Ronaldo. As a result, Cristiano Ronaldo has no alternative option than staying Man United for one more season. However, he arrived at Man United and had a meeting with the manager and Sir Alex Ferguson. But his decision still remains the same.

Pep Guardiola talked about their transfer policy.

Man City boss Pep Guardiola has talked about their transfer plans. While talking to the media, Guardiola said, “Sometimes the transfer window dictates what you want to do. In the first season we arrived we tried to loan players and couldn’t sign anyone.”

“This season, I don’t know what happened, but in a few weeks it was already done, and they are 34 days of the window left. Sometimes you want to do things and it just depends on how good or bad we are, it depends on the situations, and these situations happened quicker than expected.”