Liverpool continue to struggle in the EPL

Liverpool lost another game
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Liverpool had been one of the top title contenders in the English Premier League for the last few seasons. But, this giant team is nowhere near the title race this season. Liverpool have already lost four games in the league. They stand at 9th with 16 points.

Last night, Leeds United stunned the Klopp boys at Anfield, the home of Liverpool. Liverpool had strong records at their home. Before last night, they didn’t lose a single match at Anfield since 2021. But Leeds United have ended their 29-match unbeaten run at Anfield.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has talked about many things after the match against Leeds United with the club media. He analyzed the game. He also explained the reason for Liverpool’s poor performance. Read his words below:

On his reaction to the performance and result

Klopp said, “[It was a] good start in the game, I liked it, [we] played like we should have, high energetic, and then we concede an early, freakish goal – nearly an own-goal. Not helpful, for sure not, but we could equalize off the set-piece and then a normal first half, I would say, with moments, good moments, where we were a bit unlucky, put them under pressure, had a lot of set-pieces I think, corners.”

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On whether he is concerned about the top four

Sitting on 9th, Liverpool are eight points behind the fourth team. The way they are playing, it will be difficult for them to enter the top four. Jurgen Klopp is also aware of that. He said, “Yeah, that’s actually not my main worry in the moment because there are a lot of other worries but yeah, of course.”

Klopp added, “I am at least not that dumb that I don’t know distances, and I know who is up there, but you cannot qualify for the Champions League if you play as inconsistent as we do in the moment. So, how I said, we have to fix that, and we will see where we end up. We all know that everything is possible, or a lot of things are possible, but for that you have to win football games, and we didn’t do that often enough yet.”

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On the reasons for Liverpool struggling to control matches

Jurgen Klopp explained why Liverpool are suffering in the league. “It’s a mix of everything, of course. It is no secret that pretty much everybody on the pitch can play better football, there is no doubt about that. But obviously you have to do the simple stuff right and then you gain confidence, momentum, all these kind of things,” said the boss.

Liverpool will face another big game within a few days. They will host Napoli on November 2 in the UEFA Champions League. However, the All-Reds have already qualified for the next round.